We can pick apart mortgage articles because they are normally never written by mortgage professionals so they are riddled with misleading or inaccurate information.
This one is pretty good, but we’d like to add a couple things:

1. Credit: get help with increasing your credit score. Credit is complicated and you will be surprised at what can improve it…it isn’t always paying off debt. A mortgage professional can help you with this. When asking a mortgage professional it’s a great way to see who wants to help you versus who just wants to just transact your loan.

2. Quotes: 90% of mortgages quotes should fall very close to each other. Be wary of anything too good to be true, because it usually is. P.S – never take an online quote seriously. The majority of online quotes are marketing ploys. You need to talk to a person for legitimacy.

3. Pre-approvals: they WILL look at your tax returns. If they don’t you haven’t been pre-approved.

4. Down Payment: you can also get a 2nd mortgage instead of PMI. It’s a good option to look at since PMI has income limitations for tax write off purposes and 2nd mortgage interest doesn’t.

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Sarah Lindsey

Sarah Lindsey (Home Loan Gal) is a home loan adviser with over 15 years of industry experience. Her core values are based on one simple approach – provide clients with trusted expertise, personalized information, specific to their needs. Sarah currently serves as a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist with Synergy One Lending, is a regular guest on the television show, The American Dream with Craig Sewing, is a resource partner for the San Diego Chapter of the Financial Planner’s Association, is a board member for Junior Achievement (a non-profit focused on bringing financial education to all school age children) and can be heard on the radio station AM 1170 advocating consumer awareness on financing.


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