Who's Managing Your Mortgage?

A wealth advisor manages your assets and investments, but who's managing your mortgage? Your mortgage is likely your largest debt and liability, and even small changes in rate can have a huge monetary impact over the life of your loan. At Home Loan Gal, we realize that keeping tabs on the mortgage market just isn't part of people's every day lives. And you know what? That's okay! We will monitor your mortgage for the entire life of your loan regardless of where it originated.

How Does It Work?

Mortgages Under Management brings together our experienced staff and reporting tools to make sure you have the best terms on your mortgageand you know exactly where your home stands in the current market. Our comprehensive approach begins at the planning stages of your home financing and continues throughout the entire life of your loan.


We've Managed Mortgages for the Past 15 Years

Active mortgage management is our system for monitoring a homeowner's mortgage with the goal of making sure that they have the lowest-cost financing solution for their specific situation throughout the loan's lifetime.
Active mortgage management prevents you from becoming one of the many homeowners who overpays for their loan. Most homeowners do not know this is happening because their lenders do not work with them past the initial set up of their loan to show them how they can save money.
All Home Loan Gal customers are automatically enrolled in our Mortgages Under Management program.

Not an Home Loan Gal Customer Yet?

No problem. Enroll in our Mortgages Under Management program, and we'll "adopt your loan" by collecting the necessary information and connecting you with a Mortgage Planner. Then, we'll actively manage your mortgage and alert you to its position in the marketplace.

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